Electronic Drum Set



My name is Evan Escobar and I have always had a great passion for music. I played the drums growing up and the best way I can describe how important an individual’s heart is in regards to their music is the picture of a drummer on stage. 


We’ve all seen it: The drummers head is bobbing up and down, beating the drums with such intense passion that it looks as if something's about to break! 


In this picture, there’s no denying the amount of heart and soul being exerted into their instrument. On the other hand, if you’ve ever seen a stiff and robotic drummer on stage then you know the contrast and can feel the difference when a musician’s heart is involved. 


Even the greatest of skill and technique can’t compensate for what the heart and soul bring to music. It’s the difference between platinum and gold. As a drummer, I also fully understand how important drums and percussion are to music. It is the backbone of every song and it’s what moves us. 

I find it important to take the time to hand key every single note of percussion you hear, rather than using pre-made drum loops. 


I don’t have anything against those who use drum loops, as they can still be effective and save time for those who choose to use them -  but to me, it’s like the difference between those two drummers. It’s the difference between a pre-made microwave dinner or one that Grandma put her heart and soul into cooking.  


I’m pleased to say that I put my heart into these beats and just like Grandma's cooking, you can taste the difference. To me, every instrumental sound requires that extra touch of personalization in order to elevate it to the next level. My favorite genre is Hip Hop and R&B, so naturally, these are the styles that I focus on and specialize in. 


While I do plan on growing a beat library with a wider diversity of genres, if you’re looking for some of the best Hip Hop or R&B tracks, search no more.