Studio Microphone


Here are some general examples of ways that I can customize an existing beat:



If you want the end of the song to fade out.


If you only need 2 verses instead of 3.


If you want the verse to start first and then the chorus to come in afterward or any given variation.


If you want to extend or shorten the length of one or all of the 16 bar verses.


If you want to take parts of the percussion or melody out of a section to create a bridge into the chorus.


If you want to take any part of the percussion out of any section of the beat to put emphasize on vocals.


If you want to take out the songs intro and start straight into the downbeat of the chorus or verse.



Customization on existing beats will cost between $30-$150 depending on how extensive the desired arraignments are and how long they will take to revise.  Be aware that you still have to pay for song rights as well.

The examples above are just a few of the possibilities that I can think of, but if there are any other customization ideas you have concerning an existing beat just let me know and it would be my pleasure to make any track fit your song perfectly.   

Maybe you can’t find the exact sound you’re looking for in the beat store and you need something completely new.