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I believe that inspiration can’t be bound or limited, which is why I will do everything in my power to tailor and customize any beat to your liking. Premium or unlimited licenses’ include the tracked out stems of each individual sound in a particular beat, which essentially give you the power to make some basic changes and modifications if you have the software and ability. 


But if you’d rather, I can make the desired changes myself and send the edited versions to you. High quality is a standard for every track you will hear, which is why I create build-ups and progressions in every beat.


Without customization, you can still record lyrics any way you like and make great songs, but if you want the beat to fit your lyrical arrangement perfectly, I can track-out the beat as you see fit. This allows you the freedom to flow with inspiration however you feel, while the beat is arranged to fit your song rather than having to make your song fit the beat. 


I want your creating-process to be as easy as possible and for you to walk away with the best song possible.

Click here for info and details about customizing an existing beat.


Click here for info and details about customizing and personalizing a completely NEW beat.