Making Music



The music industry isn’t the easiest place to succeed and it takes great courage and determination to break through to the top. I strive to create music that’s Industry Standard Quality or above, giving artists an edge to stand out and reach their full potential. You will notice that every track has distinct transitions arranged with buildups into the chorus and also drops that go back into the verse. This ensures that regardless of which purchasing rights you’re interested in, your end product will be a song that’s diverse and professionally mixed. I try to always put myself in your shoes as the songwriter and think, “As a writer, how would I want the song to flow from beginning to end.” My process of beat making is pretty standardized in that most of my tracks start with an intro, which drops into an 8 bar chorus, and then the beat drops into a 16 bar verse. 

This repeats until the third verse, upon which I finish the song off with one last 8 bar chorus. I know that creativity can’t be bound, so if your song needs to go beyond the existing format in any way, I can tailor the beat to fit your specific song needs.  You always have the freedom to customize, arrange, and track out beats to fit your lyrics exactly the way inspiration takes you. 


It’s your song so be bold, be strong, and be fearless because the sky’s the limit. I don’t need to talk about quality anymore because the music speaks for itself. As you listen I hope these beats will move your heart and inspire you to create your greatest project ever, taking your career to the next level.