headphones on electric piano background


As an artist the most important thing you can possess is inspiration. When inspiration is present, creation becomes effortless. We all draw inspiration from many different sources in life, but as a producer and beat composer, my primary inspiration comes from God.


We can believe whatever we choose to believe, but I know there’s more in this music than myself. I’m also greatly influenced by the predecessors of my favorite music genres and I mix those soulful sounds with current popular styles to create something fresh and unique in itself. 


Every time I go in the studio I aspire to fuse together deep layers of instrumentation and lay down heartfelt tracks for your train of thoughts to ride on.


What I create in my artistry is fuel for a writer’s pen, sound waves of inspiration for those who rap or sing. As an artist, how important is inspiration to you?  To me, it’s as important as breathing, but as our hearts beat, every minute, every second, we draw from this vital life function without even realizing it. 


Life without music is like a movie without a soundtrack to it. Let’s create soundtracks for life that capture and define our unique, one-of-a-kind selves. As you listen you will find the beat that speaks to your heart, and as inspiration comes, your creativity will be free and fearless.