Studio Microphone


With the exception of the Exclusive Rights license, all other license options are leases.  We’re all familiar with the word lease in regards to car sales and that idea is applicable when thinking about these license agreements.  Like a car lease you own rights of usage to a beat for a fixed period of time and similarly you have the option to own and buy the Exclusive rights at any time.  The obvious advantage to buying Standard, Premium, or Unlimited licenses is that they more affordable than Exclusive Rights.  But like a car lease, the beat isn’t completely yours and you are using it for a time period.  Depending on where you are in your music career, owning a beat exclusively may not be a priority or strategy you want to take at the moment.  This is why I have these leasing licenses available, but a term limit is necessary to protect the exclusive value for those who decide they want to own a particular beat.  For example, let’s say that there are no term limits or expiration to these leasing licenses: If a certain beat become popular and is leased out to 100 different artists, if someone then decides to buy the exclusive rights to that beat they would never have sole exclusivity to it.  Without a limited term of usage those previous artists could still legally use that beat as long as they want, thus devaluing the exclusivity of that beat.  So for those of you who buy exclusive rights to a beat rest assured that from then on no more leases will be issued and any previous leases will eventually expire, thus giving you the sole legal possession and rights to that beat.  I hope that makes sense because I realize that we all have different needs and desires and I want to offer as many license options as possible, while also protecting the exclusive rights of those who choose that option.